Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Giving Thanks

I thought about trying to cram in one more recipe for the week, but then I decided that was silly; anyone that hasn't planned their holiday menu by today is just a loon, pure and simple. Besides, I want to hang tight to my holiday recipes because they're getting included in xveganx party... the zine! I've just started work on it, but it's turning into a very thorough (and thoroughly enjoyable) guide to good times completely cruelty- and substance-free. Some of the parties and menus will be more traditional (like Thanksgiving) while others will be more interesting (like a body paint party). In my wildest dreams, I'll have this ready for stuffing stockings, but realistically... it probably won't get finished til the new year. Doesn't mean you can't start getting stoked now, though!

And speaking of stoked, I've really enjoyed the different readers and bloggers I've talked to these last few months. I love hearing what ya'll are doing and eating, and I'm grateful to have this blog that connects us. With that in mind, I wanted to share a few things I'm giving thanks for this year, and I want to invite you to do the same. Tell me about your holiday traditions! What are you eating! Who are you eating it with! Seriously, I'd love to know, so share share share.

As for me, this year, I'm eating: rolls, salad, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and stuffing, and I'm doing this with my best friend, her roommate, and their families. We're going to play dorky board games! (hearthearheart) And then I might hang out with some other close friends for some vegans-only treating.

And I'm grateful for...

+ being healthy, fit, and able-bodied
+ going to my dream school
+ ... and having most of it paid for in scholarship money
+ my dad and all the sacrifices he's made to help me along the way
+ having really close, supportive friends (not all of whom are the best at keeping in touch but who understand what's truly important about being friends!)
+ Judd Apatow & the new kings of comedy - so much laughter on those lonely art school nights
+ getting on a solid medication assistance program
+ keeping it vegan, keeping it edge
+ cutecutecute boys (yeah, deep down, I'm a thirteen-year-old girl)
+ my car Ericco and his continuing functionality
+ art and writing opportunities I'm starting to cultivate
+ being uncompromising in my beliefs
+ ... and feeling strong because I know the important parts of me just won't bend
+ facing some of my demons
+ having the courage to try try try
+ the people that I inconvenience treating me like I am no inconvenience at all (*coughBen&Carolinecough*)

So how about you, dear readers?

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