Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Give Away?!?

I have a draft of a real entry in the works. It involves a guest, so hang onto your pantaloons. I also have my own give away in the works, but... uhh... I guess I'm nervous about it. WHAT IF NONE OF YOU WANT MY FREE GOODS???! I WILL BE CRUSHED! CRUSHED!

Anyway, there's one rad give away here for agave nectar and an agave cookbook. It's actually called xagave, but "x"-treme foods freak me out so I can't give into its "x"-factor. Regardless of this one's goofy marketing name, though, agave itself is pretty "x"-traordinary as far as sweeteners go. If you're unfamiliar with it, it's low on the glycemic index and a nutrition powerhouse compared to many other sweeteners. As a vegan, one of its best applications is as a honey substitute because the taste and texture is very similar. It's sweeter than sugar, too, so you can sub 3/4 c agave for every 1 c sugar in a recipe. HOWEVER, a cookbook would lay some good groundwork about baking with agave because that added moisture means reducing other liquids, which is the one salty thing about subbing agave: that little bit of guess work that goes in with it. Suffice it to say, this is a give away worth checking out. (Would I plug it if it weren't?)

Also check out this rad give away for Zen Soy pudding and soymilk. (It involves coming up with ice cream flavors. I love that!) I've never had Zen Soy's soymilk, but their pudding is A-MAZ-ING. Pudding is one of those things I didn't care much for as an omni or a vegetarian, but now that I'm vegan, it really turns my crank, and Zen Soy is THE brand for store bought vegan pudding. In fact, I'm tagging this as a review because I effin love that stuff so much. (Even though I hardly ever eat it. 'Cause it's expensive. Boo.)

Speaking of foods that I prefer as a vegan, do you have foods that you like more now that you've gone through "the change?" (We're obviously talking veganism here, not puberty.) For me, chili was gross and egg nog and cheesecake were rich, but now that I'm vegan, I gobble that shit down.


  1. Honestly, I hated pretty much all food besides chicken nuggets and french fries before I went vegan. Now I love kale, brussel sprouts, chili, tomatoes, pretty much anything. I especially hated tomatoes in any form and now I like tomato sauce and tomato salsa :D

  2. I WANT YOUR FREE GOODS!! I CLAMOR FOR THEM! Don't stress, we'll be scrambling for them...

    My whole cooking style has definitely turned towards mountains of dark leafy greens, nuts, fermented soy (like tempeh and miso), and other stuff that I didn't dislike but didn't ever think to cook before things got more vegan around here. But in terms of versions of stuff that I like better in the vegan version... Well, my big junk food treat now is "chicken" nuggets (which I shouldn't even be eating since they're breaded), which is quite a change because my deep hatred of the texture of chicken and other poultry is why I became vegetarian in the first place, as a kid.