Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Resurrected? Or the living dead?

I have a blog? Fuck, I have a blog.

When I got an email from Scrumptious reminding me, yes, I have a blog, I decided I could no longer call watching Weeds while studying anatomy textbooks "too busy." My absence isn't just avoidance, though. It also owes to a lot of self reflecting.

I started the blog with the life I was leading at the time in mind. I felt like there was a lot about it that said, "Hey, my life's a fuckin' party!" and I wanted to share that along with lots of recipes and ideas. Shortly thereafter, though, I got accepted to art school and was awarded a huge scholarship - conditional on starting right then. I had a week and a half to quit my job, pack my life, and say good bye, and instead of pausing to adjust when I got there, I scrambled to find a job and dove deep into the ten-week terms. Three quarters and a whirlwind of excuses later, I still haven't adjusted, and what can I say? I'm broke, I'm busy, and I'm reclusive. Point being, it's hardly the model of fun vegan straight edge living anymore, and that coupled with some lifestyle dilemmas I've finally resolved (I second-guess my choices every couple years - still vegan! still edge!) leaves me at a loss when I think about this here blog.

So, I might change its direction, give it a face lift - something when school gets out in five weeks, but I haven't decided. If you've got some thoughts, I'm all ears.

Now, I was going to reward your patience with a restaurant review, but I just realized it's not on my hard drive. Damn. I guess you'll have to accept these posi living suggestions instead, then tune back in tomorrow to read what I think of a coffee shop in Georgia. (I know you're marking the days off your calendar in anticipation of a Savannah ghost tour, by the way. Don't lie. That is so up your alley, it is the alley, so this review is going to be VERY relevant to you. As relevant as this code for living..!)

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  1. That unicorn is hella conceited. Please. Look at that smirk.

    I am so happy to see you and sorry I if put the pressure on in a stressful time! Sometimes people stop blogging because they think no one is reading, so I like to give my favorite bloggers a friendly nudge. But take your time and do what you have to do! I look forward to more of your awesomeness whenever it may come.