Friday, February 26, 2010

Tips for Being Awesome at Life

Being in art school (as well as being committed to the idea of freelance after art school), staying motivated and "inspired" is a constant struggle for me. It's been an especially big struggle this quarter because even before I'd come back from break, life had gotten kind of messy; and then after break, well, the mess just sort of shot downhill. In addition to stresses like breaking my glasses and having my car hit, I'm not enjoying my classes as much and I'm bumping heads with more people than I'm used to. As my day gears up, I sit down to do work only to find myself saying "UGHGHGHHHH" a lot. That's when I start tapping into my bookmarks.

I've got a bookmark for just about every creative problem: coming up with an idea, implementing the idea, staying on task with the idea... When I'm dragging my feet going, "Ugh, I'm so uncreative! Ugh, I'll never get this done! Ugh, everything I do is shit!", there's always a link to put a skip in my step. So today, I'm sharing some of my link gold mine with you. The links aren't exclusive to cranky "creative" types and their "creative" projects (read: me/art students). Everyone's life requires creativity, and these are the links that help you tap into that, that help you realize your ideas - the links that keep you on track! If you want to do something about this cause but you can't decide what, these links will help. If you're trying to come up with a way to get more folks involved in a project, these links will help. If you're trying to get a project off the ground but you keep getting distracted, these links will help. Even if your only creative outlets are the kitchen, the blogosphere, the zine world - trust me, these links will help. So take a minute, browse through, and if you've got any to add, let me know.

+ Brainstorming 101: How to Get Creative - this is a four-minute video from the writer/motivational speaker Danielle Laport on how to get the most from your creative side. Danielle runs the blog White Hot Truth, which also has this great article on the perils of justifying yourself. (Because you may not be aware of this, but your constant excuse-making is holding you back..!)

+ Nine Tips to Be More Creative

+ Nubby Twiglet's Guide to Overcoming Artist's Block: Seven Methods

+ Scott Hansen's Guide to Overcoming Creative Blocks

+ 13 Tried & True Ways of Making Ideas Happen - because once you've overcome that creative block and you've got that idea, you need to know how to realize it. DUHZ.

+ 33 Ways to Get & Keep Yourself Motivated

+ The Art of the Self Imposed Deadline - short and sweet and cuts right to the point.

+ Self Discipline - this is from Steve Pavilina's blog, who is another writer/self-help type whose website YOU NEED TO EXPLORE if you like these kinds of links. I would also recommend the article Eliminate a Limiting Belief, but there are lots of not-so-hidden gems like Ten Reasons Never to Get a Job and How Intentions Manifest. Seriously, look through this shit.

+ Goals Shape the Present, Not the Future - sound familiar? I'm telling you, goal-setting will change your life. CHANGE.YOUR.LIFE.

+ Overcoming the Fear of Failure

What are your best links or tips for coming up with ideas and getting work done?


  1. Congratulations on The Foodie Blogroll listing today! And thanks for your recent comment about quinoa as an ingredient in cupcake recipes. I did find a good one. I haven't posted about it yet because I am still mucking around with several versions. BTW, you have been on our blogroll for a while now - love you writing.

  2. These are super helpful. I'm totally lagging on the writing I want to be doing, to the point that I've been skipping class because I just can't seem to produce anything. (Or get myself to sit down and try to produce something, even.)

    My boyfriend LOVES Steve Pavlina, so it's hilarious to see him here. One day I've never heard of him, the next day he's everywhere!