Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Vegan Zombies

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He was out dumpstering during the zombie apocalypse. The stakes were high, but food was scarce. Usually, his best friend kept watch while he rifled through Trader Joe's residual inventory, but she had expired about the same time as the dumpster's contents so he was on his own tonight. He had to hurry. Being outside and alone always meant a hurry. The sound of a trash can tipping over. He looked up only to be descended upon by a round woman in stretch pants and a Garfield tshirt with teeth like tombstones and smoke where the sparkle in her eyes should have been. It was all over. Garfield-tee dragged her heft across the pavement, leaving him prone and still. Except, he wasn't still. His body was beginning to pulse with the fervor of a second life. His eyes opened, and he pulled himself off the ground, stumbling as the stiffness set into his joints. He hungered, he ached. All he could think was, "GRRRRAIIIIIINNNNS!!!"


Yesterday, the blog turned one. I haven't had time to write anything in celebration, so this was my gift to you. I enjoy making art about being vegan. I enjoy making art about a lot of stuff. You can always see what I'm up to via my flickr.


Also, you could win an ice cream maker over here.

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